Sunday, April 30, 2006

And Robin shall Restore Amends

So I went to see A Mid-summers Night's Dream a very cool Indian version of the play which was done in 7 different Indian Languages. It was all very cool. The troupe of players turned out to be a tailor, tinker, chai-walla and other random guys that you would meet on most any Indian street. The show was amazing including a bamboo frame that the fairies climbed on, suspension rope tricks for flying. The fairies themselves seemed to be 1/2 tribal 1/2 warrior types and I have to say some of my favorite depiction of the fair-folk yet.

After the play we (Su, Claire, Maggie, and Liz -who work for the Hope Foundation here) headed out to Fire and Ice, the best pizzeria in Kolkata (run by a cool Italian Woman) for dinner. Because the place was so crowded and we had a party of 7 (we met Patrick and Fred) we ended up changing tables 3 times before our food was brought to us.

Then we all headed to Roxy were Lily met up with us (she had special passes to chill with the cast) and Nil and Dev were also there. By a miracle of music my favorite DJ was there and he spun everything from classic rock to new Hip-Hop beats I hadn't even heard yet. Nil and I burned the floor, as he's a really good salsa/Latin leader and I can follow fairly well. I also met more expats from the States than I have ever seen in Cal before. Most of them were connected to HBCSC (or something like it) which is one of the banks here. I also met for the first time (passing through of course) another Black American. Where her father was actually Black (her mother was Egyptian) and we had a great time being the only two who got really excited to hear "California Love" and the club remix of Faith Evans "Love like this Before."

As the evening wore on and the club thinned we became plagued by some rather dodgy fellows. One was this guy from the US who was extremely drunk, this kid from the UK, and a really rather cool Japanese guy named Ko. The guy from the US kept going around kissing my hand and trying to dance with me. Ko was just cool, and the UK kid, kept hitting on all the girls trying to find out where we were from and our ages. Others on the dance floor included a rather spry white-haired grandfather who danced with everyone quite enthusiastically including his reflection in the mirror. There were also several random Indian guys who kept insisting that I dance with them, when all I really wanted to do at that point was dance with the crew we came with. Which was difficult as when ever I started dancing I was immediately surrounded by Ko, drunken US guy, dancing grandfather, and the rest of the random Indian guys on the dance floor. By some dance maneuvering and always placing myself next to one of my crew I managed to actually get some dances in without dancing with a stranger. (I think Nil and my earlier performance rather excited people).

Finally around 5:15ish am the club kicked us out (by this point I was talking about life in Cal with one of the HBSC guys who's about to move his wife and kids here for work and had just been bought a bottle of water by one of the Indian guys I hadn't danced with. (originally beer, but I wasn't drinking at that point in time, and was rather startled when he showed up with the bottle). We managed to lose dodgy UK kid who had followed us out of the club by one-by-one going to the loo. Then we all headed upstairs for breakfast, which was unfortunately not served for another hour. So we got coffee and soda and overpriced potato wedges and had great conversation. I got home at 7am (after searching the market for pomegranates), had eggs, honey toast, and fruit salad, and fell promptly asleep.

The perfect ending to a night out, good company, breakfast and coming home by daylight.

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