Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Answer to March's Question

Thanks to all who answered, though B's does kinda sound like "Groundhogs Day". But he also suggested the question so thanks.

This was kinda hard to do, as I wasn’t sure of whether we were reliving a day to change the day or just to relive the day and enjoy it. It seems like we couldn’t relive it without changing it in someway.

So if we could relive without changing and just experience the day again I’d choose the 24 from about 3pm May 22-23 2005. It was a pretty unique day, an experience I hadn’t had before and not since.

As for a day to change, August 18th or so, when I didn’t do the one on-line quiz that was required for me to get refunded for my Kaplan classes. Time was of the essence, I expected to be completely happy with my MCAT scores, and it was in reading comp which I do well in, ah well live and learn.

Good Question B.

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