Sunday, April 30, 2006

And Robin shall Restore Amends

So I went to see A Mid-summers Night's Dream a very cool Indian version of the play which was done in 7 different Indian Languages. It was all very cool. The troupe of players turned out to be a tailor, tinker, chai-walla and other random guys that you would meet on most any Indian street. The show was amazing including a bamboo frame that the fairies climbed on, suspension rope tricks for flying. The fairies themselves seemed to be 1/2 tribal 1/2 warrior types and I have to say some of my favorite depiction of the fair-folk yet.

After the play we (Su, Claire, Maggie, and Liz -who work for the Hope Foundation here) headed out to Fire and Ice, the best pizzeria in Kolkata (run by a cool Italian Woman) for dinner. Because the place was so crowded and we had a party of 7 (we met Patrick and Fred) we ended up changing tables 3 times before our food was brought to us.

Then we all headed to Roxy were Lily met up with us (she had special passes to chill with the cast) and Nil and Dev were also there. By a miracle of music my favorite DJ was there and he spun everything from classic rock to new Hip-Hop beats I hadn't even heard yet. Nil and I burned the floor, as he's a really good salsa/Latin leader and I can follow fairly well. I also met more expats from the States than I have ever seen in Cal before. Most of them were connected to HBCSC (or something like it) which is one of the banks here. I also met for the first time (passing through of course) another Black American. Where her father was actually Black (her mother was Egyptian) and we had a great time being the only two who got really excited to hear "California Love" and the club remix of Faith Evans "Love like this Before."

As the evening wore on and the club thinned we became plagued by some rather dodgy fellows. One was this guy from the US who was extremely drunk, this kid from the UK, and a really rather cool Japanese guy named Ko. The guy from the US kept going around kissing my hand and trying to dance with me. Ko was just cool, and the UK kid, kept hitting on all the girls trying to find out where we were from and our ages. Others on the dance floor included a rather spry white-haired grandfather who danced with everyone quite enthusiastically including his reflection in the mirror. There were also several random Indian guys who kept insisting that I dance with them, when all I really wanted to do at that point was dance with the crew we came with. Which was difficult as when ever I started dancing I was immediately surrounded by Ko, drunken US guy, dancing grandfather, and the rest of the random Indian guys on the dance floor. By some dance maneuvering and always placing myself next to one of my crew I managed to actually get some dances in without dancing with a stranger. (I think Nil and my earlier performance rather excited people).

Finally around 5:15ish am the club kicked us out (by this point I was talking about life in Cal with one of the HBSC guys who's about to move his wife and kids here for work and had just been bought a bottle of water by one of the Indian guys I hadn't danced with. (originally beer, but I wasn't drinking at that point in time, and was rather startled when he showed up with the bottle). We managed to lose dodgy UK kid who had followed us out of the club by one-by-one going to the loo. Then we all headed upstairs for breakfast, which was unfortunately not served for another hour. So we got coffee and soda and overpriced potato wedges and had great conversation. I got home at 7am (after searching the market for pomegranates), had eggs, honey toast, and fruit salad, and fell promptly asleep.

The perfect ending to a night out, good company, breakfast and coming home by daylight.

Friday, April 28, 2006

2 Weeks Late and Funding Short

I just relieved 3 emails from Johns Hopkins talking about how I've been accepted and school starts July 7th, new student orientation July 5th. Issues: 1- I only land in the US July 2nd. No way I'm going to make it to Baltimore and settled in 3 days. 2- All of the scholarships for the year have already been awarded. 3- I've already accepted OSU.

Not to mention the fact that I wasn't that enthused about going to Johns Hopkins anyway. UMich would've been great or Berkeley, but I really only applied because I was applying to the med-school and I had already finished the application. And OSU really REALLY courted me.

Still nice to know that I could've gone there, if I wanted to. :)

(No offence Kate, I would love to be at the same school as you. But I do have Med School debt to think about.)

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

More Overheard in Cal

"Wow, who helped you wear a sari"
"No One"- Me
"You wore it yourself?"
Chiru seeing me in a sari for the first time, though it's the 3rd one I've worn that week.

"There are no totties in Calcutta"
"Hot men, there are none in Cal"
"It took you this long to figure that out?"-Me
"You know, I may have to turn bisexual just to stay in this city"
My favorite British Puff over a pint one night on life in Kolkata

"Cal is getting to me, I'm afraid I'm getting a double chin"-Anirudh
"Yeah me too, I try to ignore it, but somehow or another this city is just making me bigger"- Patrick
"Yet somehow, Margarette has managed to stay quite slim"-Anirudh
"Yes, but I also get up at 6am and skip rope, do yoga, and crunches 3 times a week add Pilate's twice a week, and have my Kathak class on the weekend"- Me
"6am !? I don't even know where 6 am is"-Anirudh

"Sometimes I really feel alone, like I'm the only one. It can get really lonely, you know?"
"Who are you talking to? At least there are other French around if you want to commiserate. I've only met one other Black American in India and she was here for the same Fellowship I was"- Me
"Kind of a 'Oh, They got you too' thing"
Francois on being away from family and friends, working in India.

"She is not Indian"-Me
"Of course she's not she has spiral curls"-Sohini
"Uh, that's actually a wig or a weave"-Me
Discussing the lead singer of the entertainment group True Colors at the 85 Landsdown fashion show.

"Crash was a great movie except for the ending"
"What about it"-Me
"The ending is all Yay America"
"Did we see the same movie?!"
Kati and I discusing the merits of Crash

Monday, April 24, 2006


Are we really all that the same or are the tests really that good

Your Love Life Secrets Are

Looking back on your life, you will have a few true loves.

You're a little scarred from your past relationships, but who isn't?

You prefer a quirky, unique person to be your lover. You're easy going about who you're with, as long as they love you back.

In fights, you are able to walk away and calm down. You are able to weather the storm.

Break-ups can be painful for you, but you never show it. You hold your head high.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Murphy's Law in India

When the day started yesterday I was in a bit of a Funk. Just been down about certain things in life, sleepy from going out the night before, and just not my normal peppy self. The day seemed to get better as it went along. Especially when I took a mid-day break to watch the DVD of Omeleshe & Tunigini (my dance groups from Namibia) dance that Nate had sent me.

So it's 5:30- quitting time, and I was thinking of running to my tailors to pick up a shirt and drop some things off as well.

When a delivery guy comes by with. . . TA DA my laptop. I turn it on and it appears okay. My mind suddenly races to spending the evening watching movies, updating my Shuffle and granting myself a new background picture. I read the service agreement (but Prianka the office manager advises me not to pay now).

Other than a strange smudge that was not on my screen before it looked fine. There's actually a new program for watching DVDs on the desktop- Which made me think that they've just kept my laptop to watch movies a few extra days.

I run down stairs to where the spare Internet connection is, unpack and. . . . my dongle is gone. Remember I still have a computer that requires (Naima’s dongle actually from PCOndongwa) one to get online.

Slightly dismayed by not being able to update my files and get new songs on my shuffle (I'm keeping about a Gig of music on the network to save my laptop and my variety). I figure I'll just settle down and check through my files, maybe find a fun new picture or something. Suddenly my laptop says . . . Shutting down, and turns it self off.

I think, “That's odd.” Maybe it was a battery thing (it did say empty) and I hit the power button. It turns on and I start to look through some picture files when . . . the screen goes white again.

Yep nothing has really been fixed apparently, and my laptop goes back to the shop today. It lasted a total of maybe 5 mins.

A bit frustrated, but trying to make the best of the day I head of to my tailors to pick up a top I have been getting made, and drop off more fabric to get fun tops made out of. (The most annoying thing about tailors here is that unless you want to get bitchy, things take 10 days-2 weeks to go to the tailors and get back . . . very annoying). So I go up the stairs and get out my service slip when she says. “Oh I’m sorry it’s not ready yet. Our tailor has been sick, maybe in two days.” Which was only upsetting because I’ve been planning to wear the top and skirt today.

Starting to get down, but trying to keep a stiff upper lip, I figure I’ll buy “A Midsummer’s Night Dream” to re-read it before I go see the play next week. (a very exciting prospect as it is apparently in 8 different Indian Languages and received excellent reviews in Delhi). Though there are a block and a half of Book-Wallas and almost every Shakespearian play and poem one could think of (“As You Like It” came up a lot) there was no “Midsummer’s Night Dream” and the only way I could get it is if I bought the complete works (which I had no intention of doing or sending home).

Really starting to get down I manage to buy peanuts, veggies, and fruits on my way home without issue. I head by the Laundrette where I get my clothes machine washed and dried. Unfortunately because the electricity has been going out my clothes won’t be ready until today.

Well after countless disappointments I decided that it is acceptable to just have fruit salad for dinner, wine, and chocolate. And try to see what lesson I was supposed to learn from that dreadful day. Though I still haven’t figured it out yet, eating fruit and chocolate does make one feel a bit better.

The infamous Crack Curry

I know it's kinda an overload for one day, but I wrote it up and some people (*ahem Nate ahem*) so here it is...

Indio-African Curry

So this recipe started when I was a Peace Corps Volunteer. Going through my Mopane Johnny Namibia Peace Corps Cookbook. I ran across a curry recipe, it looked good save one thing. It was butter and milk based, and I’m mildly weight conscious at best. Thus I went about modifying the recipe so it was tomato based (healthier and still tasty). After some unique creations I finally settled on what would come to be known to other Volunteers as “Margarette’s Crack Curry.” It was apparently quite addictive. Though replicating this recipe outside of Namibia and my usual ingredients has proven a challenge it hasn’t been impossible, and who heard of coming to India and not making curry. So here it is.

African Ingredients:
Curry powder (mild)
Veggie Seasoning
Black Pepper
1 Garlic clove
Fresh Ginger
Green Pepper

2-3 Big tomatoes (per serving)
Broccoli/ Cauliflower

Indian Ingredients:
Veggie Masala
Garam Masala
Fresh Curry Leaves
Black Pepper
3-4 Garlic Cloves (really little here)
Fresh Ginger
Green Pepper

3-4 little tomatoes (per serving)-they don’t really have big ones here
Tomato Puree

Since I don’t really measure anything this should help a little
· Base Spices- These spices are ones you probably can’t really add too much of. And give whatever you are cooking its initial flavor, start at about ½tsp each
o Curry powder (if you are using it), Veggie Seasoning/Masala, Garam Masala
· Seasoning Spices- This tunes the flavor to what you are cooking: in this case Curry. Start with about 1 tsp of each and then tune to your own tastes. When in doubt add even amounts of each.
o Turmeric, Cumin, Curry powder or fresh curry leaves
· Enhancing Spices- These aren’t really necessary but they do add a little kick to the flavor by bringing out the best in the others. ½ Tsp should do it
o Thyme, Fennel
· Table Spices- Salt and Pepper – Definitely needed, but amount can vary drastically.
o Pepper- Curry and Pepper can react to make things really spicy. Start with about 1tsp and go from there depending on tastes
o Salt- Again unfortunately needed (if you have grown up in a low sodium household like mine). You may need to start with 1 ½-2 tsp.
· To Taste- Till it tastes good to you. You do have to eat this so as long as it’s good to you that’s what is important.

Step 1: Chop/Dice Green pepper, Onion, Garlic and Ginger (do enough ginger to just about equal the garlic). Set a side to sauté later

Step 2: Chop veggies. What veggies one uses doesn’t really matter that much, as long as they are ones you like.
· White Veggies (cauliflower, cabbage) generally absorb flavors and spices pretty easily
· Green Veggies and Carrots tend to have a flavor that will carry through the spices so make sure it is one you like.
· Mushrooms and Eggplant are pretty meaty vegetables
· I guess you could add some sliced chicken if you wanted to most other meats throw off the flavor balance. I prefer soya nuggets.

Step 3: Using about 2 tsp. of Olive Oil in a good-sized sauce pan- Sauté the Green pepper, Onion, Garlic and Ginger till the onion becomes clear
· Add re-hydrated soya nuggets or chicken shortly after

Step 4: While things are sautéing go ahead and cut the tomatoes. These are the last to add since they take the least cooking time. If you have soya nuggets start to add base spices now (I also add a some pepper here, but I really like pepper.) Then add veggies in order that things take to cook.
· Cabbage, Carrots, and Eggplant take pretty long to cook so add them first
· Spinach, Broccoli, Cauliflower, and Cucumbers are medium cookers
· Tomatoes and Mushrooms cook quickly
Remember to stir and shift the veggies so that get cooked evenly

Step 5: When the medium cookers are in, add Tomato Purée, if you don’t have tomato purée then add the tomatoes and some water. Also add the Fresh Curry Leaves here if you are using them; more flavor is released if you crush them or rip them a bit first.

Step 6: Mix all together and add Tomatoes and Seasoning Spices. I add a fair amount of water until I feel that all is getting flavored and cooking well. If too much water is added, don’t worry it will evaporate off.

Step 7: After about 3mins of stirring and cooking add Enhancing Spices. (If you want to know the difference they make taste the curry before and then again a few minutes after you’ve added them) You can now feel free to cover the curry and let it simmer and season itself while you make your rice, set the table, read a book, etc.

Step 8: After about 2mins of simmering stir-in Table Spices. This is a good point to take out a piece of Carrot or Broccoli and a White Veggie and taste it to see how flavorful this curry really is so far. (A veggie with a strong taste and one that will pick up flavors easily are good to judge just how much more spice is actually needed) Add Base or Seasoning Spices (or anything else you think it needs) to taste if needed.

Step 9: Cover the curry again and let it self season until the veggies seem properly cooked to you: soft but still crunchy, completely soft, etc. (The long cook veggies are what I judge by. One the cabbage is soft and seasoned I declare the curry done) It may take another 5-10mins to finish depending on heat of the eye, types of veggies etc.

Step 10: Serve with rice (Brown in Namibia, Basmati in India) or just bread if you are feeling lazy after all of your efforts, and ENJOY!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

April Question

What are your personal theme songs for this year so far?

City Love. . . or Not?

So I was having pints with Patrick and Lily (fun British journalist people). Lily just got back yesterday from a trip home and was missing Kolkata. Patrick just loves it here and really wants to stay. Which makes me wonder (as I was jumping rope this morning)

Is there something wrong with me that I haven’t fallen in love with a city?

I really like Cal, its definitely one of the most unique and surreal cities I’ve ever been in. Though I’ve met some who really loved Namibia, though I personally think I lived there too long to really love it. I definitely have loved experiences I’ve had in places people and places I’ve come to know. But not the place itself.

I can’t help but wonder how much of their “City/Country Love” comes from the way people treat you in those countries. I know ½ of the reason the PC guys tended to like Namibia more than I did is because most of the people have the “All Hail to the White Male” attitude. It’s not exactly the same here, but I do get tired of being stared at and having to act like the Wicked Witch from the West or flirt to get decent service or treatment.

That might explain why if I ever did love a city it was Cape Town. Maybe it was the fact that it was the first city after Peace Corps, but I loved all the different colors of brown/black people there. It’s a beautiful city with great day and nightlife. I also liked how I blended in. People would come up to me and speak in Zulu or Xosa, and after realizing I could only greet and spoke English, they just as easily switched into English and still treated me with courtesy.

But I can’t really think of any city that I love home or abroad. Is that wrong?

Oh Yeah Baby

As if ya'll didn't know this already. A little confimation.

Modern, Cool Nerd
60 % Nerd, 60% Geek, 43% Dork

For The Record:

A Nerd is someone who is passionate about learning/being smart/academia.
A Geek is someone who is passionate about some particular area or subject, often an obscure or difficult one.
A Dork is someone who has difficulty with common social expectations/interactions.
You scored better than half in Nerd and Geek, earning you the title of: Modern, Cool Nerd.

Nerds didn't use to be cool, but in the 90's that all changed. It used to be that, if you were a computer expert, you had to wear plaid or a pocket protector or suspenders or something that announced to the world that you couldn't quite fit in. Not anymore. Now, the intelligent and geeky have eked out for themselves a modicum of respect at the very least, and "geek is chic." The Modern, Cool Nerd is intelligent, knowledgable and always the person to call in a crisis (needing computer advice/an arcane bit of trivia knowledge). They are the one you want as your lifeline in Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (or the one up there, winning the million bucks)!


Also, you might want to check out some of my other tests if you're interested in any of the following:

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Thanks Again! -- THE NERD? GEEK? OR DORK? TEST

My test tracked 3 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:

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You scored higher than 58% on nerdiness

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You scored higher than 77% on dork points
Link: The Nerd? Geek? or Dork? Test written by donathos on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the 32-Type Dating Test

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Arghhh Pictures

So the main reason I haven't posted as often as usual is because I took an extended weekend. I took thrusday, Had friday off for good friday, and since I had to work on Easter Sunday (more focus group discussions-> which was good actually, aside from the fact that it was on Easter Sunday) I took Monday off. I was all ready to regale you with stories of seeing Broke Back Mountain by myself (don't do it, you endup depressed with no one else feeling melencholy like you and no one to get a pint with) Silly times at the British Club (which I found out I can get into at anytime using my Peace Coprs ID, they always come in handy), Skipping rope in the rain, etc,

When I realised I had gotten pictures developed and should post them. . . a day and a half later. I actually get to post. Uploading on these computers is so slow, then for some reason when I go back to edit a blog it doesn't show me the pictures that I add, even though it clearly said it added the pictures.

Lauren!!! With a goat.

Fisherman at sunset

Monday, April 17, 2006

Back Blog- Midpoint/Kerela

Once again on effforts to make my Blog pretty (and requests for pictures of what I actually see) Here are some pictures from the AIF Midpoint in Kerela for details

Silly Shya :)

The Famous Backwaters

I could live on a house boat I think, espeically these are pretty pimmped out, with really nice dinning rooms, ac, and a large screen TV.

Random Nature Walk

Post Fabulous Dinner

I do wonder where this travel service is from and to?

Pigmy Goats are cute, even just chillin

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Answer to March's Question

Thanks to all who answered, though B's does kinda sound like "Groundhogs Day". But he also suggested the question so thanks.

This was kinda hard to do, as I wasn’t sure of whether we were reliving a day to change the day or just to relive the day and enjoy it. It seems like we couldn’t relive it without changing it in someway.

So if we could relive without changing and just experience the day again I’d choose the 24 from about 3pm May 22-23 2005. It was a pretty unique day, an experience I hadn’t had before and not since.

As for a day to change, August 18th or so, when I didn’t do the one on-line quiz that was required for me to get refunded for my Kaplan classes. Time was of the essence, I expected to be completely happy with my MCAT scores, and it was in reading comp which I do well in, ah well live and learn.

Good Question B.

Saying Goodbye

#Hrs checking email-2 (better), # Best Answers from Yahoo Questions-6 (v.g.) # Friends leaving Cal permanently this week-6 (v. sad)

Last week we had Chris and Sejal (2 of the AIF fellows) visit for a few days, as the few days they came happened to be almost non-stop parties it ended up being a very interesting, fun and tiring weekend. The Highlight-ish, of the weekend was Saturday's Goodbye/Celebration for Nil and Dev doing so well at fashion week. We spent the first 1/2 watching the Lakme Fashion week for Savasachi (where my friends Avo, Karan, Lali and Sohini work) and "d"which is entirely made by Nil and Dev. I had no idea my friends were so talented. I'm planning on heading to Nil and Dev's studio tomorrow.

Avo and Karan are moving back to Delhi (much to my chagrin) and Andy to start his new job in Bombay, which leaves my flat and most of my weekends pretty empty.

The Crew (The end of the night picture)

Avo Me and Karan (can you see my heels. . . Karan dressed me for the party, and I've never had so many compliment on my outfit in Cal. Though my toes hated/hate me for making wear those shoes all night. But they were really cute shoes) Anyway they are both moving to Delhi . . . they were some of my favorite people in Cal and just amazing friends and kindred spirits. I'm really going to miss them. . . at least until I visit them in Delhi.

Don't even ask what Karan is doing, you probably don't want to know.

Me and Ravi (Andy's Man, isn't he cute, also left on Sunday *sigh*)

Savasachi crew Plus Dev and Chris.

Ravi Nil and Dev (Imagine so much talent in 2 people see thier designs in the link above if you haven't already)

Flatmates for the last time

Once again the Calcutta Crew

Sunday, April 09, 2006

The Wooing of OSU

So along with keeping me incredibly informed of all things going on at the SPH. One of the EPI proffs called India at 3 different times to get me. She also made sure that I had the opinion of another student and 1/2 of our conversation was based on "What can I do to convince you to take the fellowship?" They were going to find a student to talk to me (read call India really early in the morning) to get me to come.

The people who were there loved it.
They are paying me.
I'll be able to do EPI and Health Behavior & Promotion.

and by all signs

They really want me.

So what else can I say. . . . . . Go Bucks?

And all my Columbus people can now start looking for flats for me around OSU :)

Thursday, April 06, 2006


Weight-68 kg (good), liters of water-3+ (v. Hot), #hrs spent reading and answering email-4 (v.bad, but starting work soon), #Yahoo Best Answers-2 (v.good), #Yahoo Questions answered today-don't ask

Am currently reading Bridget Jones Diary (for 2nd time). A v. Good book the side effects include:
-Beginning to narrarate things in head (in manner of Bridget)
-Allowing poor excuses (that on ordinary day you would ignore and still cook healthy dinner or not eat extra chocolate) to be acceptable
-Asking the question 'When do we become Singletons?'

In the book her friends are divided into Singletons (those who are dating, either in a relationship or still looking) and the Married Smug (the married couples who are happily or unhappily resigned to their married life, and tend to remind single people-either consciously or un-that they are still single)

As have friends who are married (and the number increases yearly) and increasingly spend more time talking about being single, dating, opposite sex and the problems, and how life continues to be befalling because of friends, freedom, wine, pursuit of career, etc. with single friends- Must wonder are we now Singletons?

If so, do you only stop holding such title when you become Married Smug?
Or does one just cease to be a Singleton when resigned to be single indefinitely i.e. given up hope of marriage?

Most Distressing Thoughts- May be in this state for 10+ years. (though relate to 'Sex in the City' and Bridget Jones now, am only 25 and main characters in these are in 30's), No Mark Darcy in real life

Most Heartening Thoughts- Have good friends and plans for weekend, Am less obsessed with weight than Bridget (Though the thought of coming home soon . . .), No Daniel Clever/Mr. Wickham in real life either, Back-up Plan with Shawn at age 38-40

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Only 1 Week Left

To answer March's Question of the Month It's a good one you should answer.

And for me to decide where I'm going to Grad School, the players are

Berkeley SPH
George Washington SPH
OSU SPH (has offered a fellowship and stipend, very nice)
UMich SPH (has shown me my financial aid package, helpful)

Where are We Going?

Monday I was meeting Raju (one of the people who work for AIF, but not in the fellowship) at an NGO AIF was looking at. Partially I supposed just so he could meet a Fellow and get my responses from living here, but also to have another opinion on the NGO.

The NGO is in the Hoogly district. Now I, knowing that the Hoogly (what the river Ganges is called around here) is about a 30 min drive thought it would be an hour drive at maximum. The directions that I received from the guy who worked there went as such.

After the 2nd Howrah Bridge
Take a Right onto Bombay Rd.
Then go Left onto Delhi Rd.
Continue on Delhi Rd. for 30mins
Then ask for Pandal Church and we are nearby.

So I still thought it would only be about an hour ride. Raju suggested that I meet him at the Airport on Friday instead, (but since the Airport is also an hour away and I had gotten all sari-ed out that day), I said going there would be no problem.

I hailed a taxi (at about 12:20) and was heartened when he seemed to recognize Pandal Church. We made it to the bridge and (after taking a long cut to hike up the price, which would become unnecessary, but we didn't know that then) got onto Bombay Rd.

Every so often the taxi Dada stopped to ask directions, every time the person would just motion to go straight. At one point he picked up a hitchhiker who helped us make the Bombay-Delhi RD. Switch. He also tried to speak to me in Bengali and when I didn't respond said (in Bangla) "Oh she's south Indian." I think the sari threw him off.

After several phone calls to the NGO, stopping for directions every few minutes, and driving an hour down Delhi Rd and a 1/2-hour around the town there we finally got to the NGO. Seeing no taxis and thoughally lost at any rate, I had the Taxi Dada wait for me.

The NGO PRATIBANDHI KALYAN KENDRA or PKK as they called it worked with the physically and mentally impaired so that they could be mainstreamed as well as the teachers so they could teach those with special needs. After a nice lunch with paneer and a bit of good debate on education, and the responsibility of the middle class, we all (3 NGO members, an Australian guy who was working there for some reason, the pediatrician, Raju and I) sat down to actually hear what PKK did. I was still a bit confused an hour later (by this time it was 5pm), and excused myself so I could get home at a reasonable time (not to mention I was expecting to hear from one of the Epi proffs at OSU that evening).

7:20pm I roll to my door and run upstairs to get the last 1,000 Rs I was stowing away in my cabinet (AIF doesn’t generally pay on the 1st, but the second week of the month), which I combined with the 600 Rs in my wallet. I then proceeded to beg the Taxi Dada to accept the 1600 Rs I had (the fare was actually 1700) showing him my empty wallet. After a good 3 mins of begging, looking pitiful and almost stirring myself to the point of tears he accepted it and left me with the 90 Rs (I had hidden in a back pocket) to survive on until we get paid.

In a Nutshell I took a taxi ½ way out to Who Knows Where/Hoboken when I had only expected to go across town. The NGO was nice though. Good thing AIF is reimbursing me for the 1600Rs cab ride. I think it's Kate who always reminded me it was about the journey not the destination, good thing too.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

2 Things I love 1 I miss

Chocolate and good Martinis (which you don't really find in Kolkata). Although I d don't really agree with the expensive bars and drinks. I much more prefer places with character and good drinks, not necessarily expensive.

You Are a Chocolate Martini

You're an elegant drunk, who only likes the best bars and the most expensive drinks.
A bit of a cheapskate, you're likely to mooch ten dollar drinks off both friends and strangers.

You should never: Drink and dash. You're gonna get caught leaving someone with the tab!

Your ideal party: A posh celebrity party you crash, with an open bar.

Your drinking soulmates: those with a Classic Martini personality

Your drinking rivals: those with a Blueberry Martini personality