Sunday, April 09, 2006

The Wooing of OSU

So along with keeping me incredibly informed of all things going on at the SPH. One of the EPI proffs called India at 3 different times to get me. She also made sure that I had the opinion of another student and 1/2 of our conversation was based on "What can I do to convince you to take the fellowship?" They were going to find a student to talk to me (read call India really early in the morning) to get me to come.

The people who were there loved it.
They are paying me.
I'll be able to do EPI and Health Behavior & Promotion.

and by all signs

They really want me.

So what else can I say. . . . . . Go Bucks?

And all my Columbus people can now start looking for flats for me around OSU :)


Somewhat Sane said...

Um... omg.. YAY!!!!

*does happy dance*

It is your solemn mission while you are in C-bus to help me with my dancing....

Somewhat Sane said...

How many bedrooms do you want and do you have budget in mind?

Paulus said...

Woo hoo, Go Bucks! And, of course, you realize that you'll be scant minutes away from the 2007 OJCL Convention... ;-)

Margarette said...

I'll be glad to have fun dancing with you. I have no Idea about how many bedrooms. . . I'm thinking cheap.

Though I can't promise my usefulness at the next OJCL. Latin students don't die; we just decline. And I've declined alot. Though I have been toying with the idea of buying Harry Potter 1 in latin.