Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Arghhh Pictures

So the main reason I haven't posted as often as usual is because I took an extended weekend. I took thrusday, Had friday off for good friday, and since I had to work on Easter Sunday (more focus group discussions-> which was good actually, aside from the fact that it was on Easter Sunday) I took Monday off. I was all ready to regale you with stories of seeing Broke Back Mountain by myself (don't do it, you endup depressed with no one else feeling melencholy like you and no one to get a pint with) Silly times at the British Club (which I found out I can get into at anytime using my Peace Coprs ID, they always come in handy), Skipping rope in the rain, etc,

When I realised I had gotten pictures developed and should post them. . . a day and a half later. I actually get to post. Uploading on these computers is so slow, then for some reason when I go back to edit a blog it doesn't show me the pictures that I add, even though it clearly said it added the pictures.

Lauren!!! With a goat.

Fisherman at sunset

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