Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Saying Goodbye

#Hrs checking email-2 (better), # Best Answers from Yahoo Questions-6 (v.g.) # Friends leaving Cal permanently this week-6 (v. sad)

Last week we had Chris and Sejal (2 of the AIF fellows) visit for a few days, as the few days they came happened to be almost non-stop parties it ended up being a very interesting, fun and tiring weekend. The Highlight-ish, of the weekend was Saturday's Goodbye/Celebration for Nil and Dev doing so well at fashion week. We spent the first 1/2 watching the Lakme Fashion week for Savasachi (where my friends Avo, Karan, Lali and Sohini work) and "d"which is entirely made by Nil and Dev. I had no idea my friends were so talented. I'm planning on heading to Nil and Dev's studio tomorrow.

Avo and Karan are moving back to Delhi (much to my chagrin) and Andy to start his new job in Bombay, which leaves my flat and most of my weekends pretty empty.

The Crew (The end of the night picture)

Avo Me and Karan (can you see my heels. . . Karan dressed me for the party, and I've never had so many compliment on my outfit in Cal. Though my toes hated/hate me for making wear those shoes all night. But they were really cute shoes) Anyway they are both moving to Delhi . . . they were some of my favorite people in Cal and just amazing friends and kindred spirits. I'm really going to miss them. . . at least until I visit them in Delhi.

Don't even ask what Karan is doing, you probably don't want to know.

Me and Ravi (Andy's Man, isn't he cute, also left on Sunday *sigh*)

Savasachi crew Plus Dev and Chris.

Ravi Nil and Dev (Imagine so much talent in 2 people see thier designs in the link above if you haven't already)

Flatmates for the last time

Once again the Calcutta Crew

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