Tuesday, April 25, 2006

More Overheard in Cal

"Wow, who helped you wear a sari"
"No One"- Me
"You wore it yourself?"
Chiru seeing me in a sari for the first time, though it's the 3rd one I've worn that week.

"There are no totties in Calcutta"
"Hot men, there are none in Cal"
"It took you this long to figure that out?"-Me
"You know, I may have to turn bisexual just to stay in this city"
My favorite British Puff over a pint one night on life in Kolkata

"Cal is getting to me, I'm afraid I'm getting a double chin"-Anirudh
"Yeah me too, I try to ignore it, but somehow or another this city is just making me bigger"- Patrick
"Yet somehow, Margarette has managed to stay quite slim"-Anirudh
"Yes, but I also get up at 6am and skip rope, do yoga, and crunches 3 times a week add Pilate's twice a week, and have my Kathak class on the weekend"- Me
"6am !? I don't even know where 6 am is"-Anirudh

"Sometimes I really feel alone, like I'm the only one. It can get really lonely, you know?"
"Who are you talking to? At least there are other French around if you want to commiserate. I've only met one other Black American in India and she was here for the same Fellowship I was"- Me
"Kind of a 'Oh, They got you too' thing"
Francois on being away from family and friends, working in India.

"She is not Indian"-Me
"Of course she's not she has spiral curls"-Sohini
"Uh, that's actually a wig or a weave"-Me
Discussing the lead singer of the entertainment group True Colors at the 85 Landsdown fashion show.

"Crash was a great movie except for the ending"
"What about it"-Me
"The ending is all Yay America"
"Did we see the same movie?!"
Kati and I discusing the merits of Crash

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