Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Greetings all who still may actually read this. I'm working up a storm in DC. My internship at the NIH is going pretty well. I have 3 projects and two focus on social networks and how they relate to cancer prevention (screening mainly). I'll be presenting a poster next week. Maybe I'll post it here too. . . . maybe. It's looking at the risk beliefs and barriers to genetic testing for certain cancer mutations in a Mexican American family. Pretty cool.

DC is great I had a wonderful birthday with food and friends. Thanks to Lauren I also participated in my first Crab Feast. A very special east coaster thing. Reading Harry Potter 7, on the long commute I have every day.

I'm living with my sister Mychell which has turned out to be not bad at all. Actually quite good except for that whole "I'm used to living alone thing" so I occasionally for get to do some common sense things that wouldn't cause issue in my house (like forgeting to replace the tp in one of the bathrooms.

On the whole all is pretty good.