Sunday, April 15, 2007

Spring Stuff

So I've been very lazy over the last few months, that's partially do to my crazy school schedule and the fact that my friends made me (well coerced) me into joining Live journal and facebook, and I've realized I when spread over many blogs, I tend not to.

So I'm insane and taking 19 credit hours, originally so I could finish my dual focus MPH in two years so I could start my MD in '08. Well this plan completely backfired as I don't have enough time to study and take the MCATs again and will have to wait until '08 to apply. Leaving me with at least 9-6 months of working (hopefully) somewhere. Which everyone (everyone being my study partners Tony and Morgan and my sisters Mychelle and Marya) thinks is actually a good thing.

Maybe it is, but I dislike when my plans are rearranged.

Meanwhile. . .work work work. I do have some friends and my friend Stephan comes up to visit from Cincy so I do take time out. I'll post some pictures soon, meanwhile here's my favorite new clip.