Friday, April 28, 2006

2 Weeks Late and Funding Short

I just relieved 3 emails from Johns Hopkins talking about how I've been accepted and school starts July 7th, new student orientation July 5th. Issues: 1- I only land in the US July 2nd. No way I'm going to make it to Baltimore and settled in 3 days. 2- All of the scholarships for the year have already been awarded. 3- I've already accepted OSU.

Not to mention the fact that I wasn't that enthused about going to Johns Hopkins anyway. UMich would've been great or Berkeley, but I really only applied because I was applying to the med-school and I had already finished the application. And OSU really REALLY courted me.

Still nice to know that I could've gone there, if I wanted to. :)

(No offence Kate, I would love to be at the same school as you. But I do have Med School debt to think about.)

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