Thursday, April 06, 2006


Weight-68 kg (good), liters of water-3+ (v. Hot), #hrs spent reading and answering email-4 (v.bad, but starting work soon), #Yahoo Best Answers-2 (v.good), #Yahoo Questions answered today-don't ask

Am currently reading Bridget Jones Diary (for 2nd time). A v. Good book the side effects include:
-Beginning to narrarate things in head (in manner of Bridget)
-Allowing poor excuses (that on ordinary day you would ignore and still cook healthy dinner or not eat extra chocolate) to be acceptable
-Asking the question 'When do we become Singletons?'

In the book her friends are divided into Singletons (those who are dating, either in a relationship or still looking) and the Married Smug (the married couples who are happily or unhappily resigned to their married life, and tend to remind single people-either consciously or un-that they are still single)

As have friends who are married (and the number increases yearly) and increasingly spend more time talking about being single, dating, opposite sex and the problems, and how life continues to be befalling because of friends, freedom, wine, pursuit of career, etc. with single friends- Must wonder are we now Singletons?

If so, do you only stop holding such title when you become Married Smug?
Or does one just cease to be a Singleton when resigned to be single indefinitely i.e. given up hope of marriage?

Most Distressing Thoughts- May be in this state for 10+ years. (though relate to 'Sex in the City' and Bridget Jones now, am only 25 and main characters in these are in 30's), No Mark Darcy in real life

Most Heartening Thoughts- Have good friends and plans for weekend, Am less obsessed with weight than Bridget (Though the thought of coming home soon . . .), No Daniel Clever/Mr. Wickham in real life either, Back-up Plan with Shawn at age 38-40

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