Wednesday, March 15, 2006

My Happy Holiday-Answer to Feb's Question.

For all of you who participated thanks. I particularly liked Julia's Forcemas and the cubicle monkey day. For Details

Bed Day/24hrs off-

This holiday would be celebrated 4 times a year, once per season, and can be taken at anytime within that quarter.

Bedday/24hrs off- Requires the shutting off of all communication devises, Cell phones, Computers, Blackberries etc. for 24hrs. Each person is allowed to do whatever they like for 24hr, as long as it returns to thier bed.

Activities may include, watching movies in bed, reading, sleeping, doing other things, having a long leisurly breakfast or lunch (and returning to bed or you can eat in bed if you are good about crumbs). Anything else you wish to do, taking leasuirly walks, skiing etc, is allowed as long as you go back to bed and rest afterward. This day should be one of complete relaxation as well as fufilling the desires of self, not work, or others. (Of course restrictions are placed if your desires are to harm others or restrict thier freedoms)

This day is for 24hrs. So if it starts 5pm Friday you have until 5pm Sat to do as you wish. It is 24hrs off from the world.

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