Monday, February 13, 2006

February’s Question of the Month

Alright you have until March 14thish. . . GO! :)

If you could create a Holiday,
-What would it be?
-When would we celebrate it?
-What would “proper” celebration of your holiday require?


Kate said...

If I could create a holiday...
We would celebrate it every friday.
It would require complete, utter devotion to Kate.
We would call it, The "Kate is so cool (and not to mention humble) Day" or possibly "Everybody give a buck to Kate because Kate is so cool (albeit broke) Day"

Somewhat Sane said...

Date of Holiday: May 14th

How do you celebrate: Don jedi robes and pretend to be the Star Wars kid with your favorite plastic lightsabre

Name Of Holiday:Forcemas

Lauren said...

If I could create a holiday, I would institute National Cubicle Monkey Day, for all the poor schmuks (myself included) who have to work day-in, day-out in a cubicle. On that day, each cubicle monkey could choose where she wants to work. "Hey, i'm taking my desktop to Dupont Circle!" And we would all cheer and skip through the streets in our collared button downs and khakis, forgetting for one day that we are VERY low on the professional totum poll. Of course, PEEPS would be made and marketed specially for National Cubicle Monkey Day. You can't have a holiday without PEEPs.