Thursday, February 23, 2006

Random and Difficult

So the randomness of my yesterday was around 11pm when some friends and I were walking from the British Club to the Park St. Hotel to head to Roxy (a proper club/lounge) I saw a pony walking down the street. A beautiful white pony, not a donkey, not a horse. The crew I was walking with wasn't surprised apparently, but I still think a pony walking down a pretty posh area in Cal at 11pm is pretty random.

So Berkeley doesn't let you know about financial aid or assistanceships until after you've told them you're going there. So I may have to decide between going to a school that will more than likely fund me and one that has a better program but funding is questionable. I will get to hear about fellowship possiblitities either way at Berkeley by mid March. They don't make this easy do they.

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