Monday, February 13, 2006

Jan Question Answered

Good answers to everyone who did. I have to say the Mary Janes did intrigue me, as did Paule’s description of his closet, Brandon’s brilliant elaboration,Markela's examination of her self actualizing shoes, and Julia’s passionate running shoes. But I just hadn't thought about many different possiblities in one shoe type. For details

My Answer
I would also have to be a mismatched pair. One would be a Chaco. They are adaptable and go just about anywhere. You can dress them up or dress them down, wear them while trekking through rainforests or deserts, while teaching, or even to a gala (in a pinch). They are best suited to warmer climates, but throw on a pair of socks and you can also roll in cooler weather. Adaptable and comfortable. The other shoe would have to be my hiking boots. I got them as a gift from a friend on a whim and they’ve come in handy more times than I could have imagined. They are always there when I needed them and constantly surprise me with how much wear and tear they can go through and still come out standing. Though they are heavy and can be a pain to deal with from time to time, but I’m always glad that I did. They are good shoes. They also clean up well. (as do I ;)

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