Friday, January 13, 2006

Question of the Month

Okay so according to people's email's you all do actually do read my blog. So I figured I'd add at least one interactive element so that I get some chatter going. Margarette's infamous Questions. Those of you who knew me in High School will recognize this tactic from my sophomore and junior years when I used to go around school with a yellow legal pad and ask questions. Those of you who knew me in Peace Corps will recognize this as one of my many lists I made when I didn't have a Walkman for my 1 hour walk to school in the morning.

Basically I ask a question That I expect everyone to answer. At the end of the month I will put up the most interesting answers and answer the question myself. The questions will vary from serious to comical, introspective and projective. So please join in the fun :)

January's Question:
What pair of shoes in your closet represent you the most, and why?


Somewhat Sane said...

Running Shoes... I put a lot of effort into things I am passionate about such as running. :P

Brandon said...

I'm not sure a single pair of shoes represents me very well, so I'd have to make a pair out of two different shoes. One shoe would be my Chaco's, the other would be my Salomon X-Wave 10 ski boots. Why?????
Chaco's are very relaxed,laid back sandals that are very comfortable and different. They are very versatile, go any where type of footware. You can take them kayaking, hiking, biking, on camel back, through the jungle, wherever you want and they stay cool and relaxed. The sole is very rugged and can take just about anything. They are very supportive, reliable, will never let you down when you count on them and are very hard to wear out. But like my other shoe they are only necessary part of the time, sometimes you use them every day and then sometimes they sit in the back of your closet for months at a time. If I could wear one pair of shoes everyday it would be these.
My ski boots are have a hard shell on the outside but on the inside they are soft. They very adaptable and have many adjustments so you can make them fit exactly how you want. But they can hurt inside a lot if you make them too tight. When you have them on you are usually having the most fun you can in a pair of shoes. They are built for speed as they are some of the stiffest boots you can buy. You can flex them as hard as you want and they always bounce back to the same way they were before. The shell is transparent but you have to look or you'll miss what's inside.

Anonymous said...

My name is Markla, I am a youth leadership coordinator for one of America's top ten cities.

I was reading your blog b/c it popped up during a search for youth fairs, Anyway, my favorite shoes that describe/exemplify me are my light brown high heels. The look is contemporary and the details are unique, while they are sexy, they are still functional and sassy just like me. I wear them on days when I am feeling "self-actualized" or on the verge of excellence. The coolest thing about these shoes is like me, they haven't even gone been as cool and as exciting as they are going to be. Right now they merely represent excellence and sophistication. One day, when partnered with the right suit, they will reflect that aspiration.

Paulus said...

So I'll give in and respond, while there's still a few days left in January. ;-)

Though the answer depends on how literal one wants to be. There's only one pair of shoes in my closet at the moment (well, one of my running shoes is half in the closet, but we won't talk about those... ;-))---my brown dress shoes. I'd say they represent me because they're large (even a bit too large for me), a bit ragged on the edges, and they're probably feeling underused, as the pair of paints they went with have recently been retired.

A better description might come from my hiking boots, though. Rugged, well-cared for, and anxious to get out there.

Lauren said...

My signature shoe is the Mary Jane. i have various versions in various colours: the city (flat, boxy), dainty (heal, petite, feminine), tennis (i love mary jane tennis shoes), summer (light fabric, casual). i'm not sure what this says about me. Margarette, i'm sure you'll tell me.