Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Winter in Kolkata

So I woke up this morning and dragged myself out for my Tuesday program of Jumping Rope, Aerobic exercise and Squats in our back garden. So I donned my workout clothes, tied my shoes and headed out. Luckily I was too sleepy to realize how cold it was until I got outside. As I prepared to jump I noticed I could see my breath. I was out there in only a t-shirt and dance pants. Luckily my theory of cold weather and excise is that it will keep you moving (just ask mom about our morning walks last March), so I got jumping. Back in my room my fabulous travel clock registered 18 degrees Celsius (about 64 degrees Fahrenheit)

Yes my friends it is winter in Kolkata. Kolkata winters generally mean people coming down with colds and fevers (which last for a month thanks to all of the pollution). Fun shawls and wraps everywhere. Randoms second hand selling of sweat pants, sweaters and sweater vests, and hats. The funniest thing about winter here is that people don't have a separate wardrobe for the winter. You wear the same salwar suit or trousers, but with a sweater vest, a sweater, a muffler, a shawl and unique brown socks with the big toe out so you can easily wear your sandals. Saris are worn over sweaters with leggings on underneath.

What this means for me is the over-wearing of my black long-sleeve I bought before I left. Carrying a wrap around with me everywhere, also wearing sock with sandals (hey everyone else is), and having perpetually cold hands (which is also pretty normal for me). This also means that unless I go to Loma Linda or Berkeley next year. I AM GOING TO FREEZE AND DIE. They need to make more good Med Schools with Preventive Medicine and Fun Public Health schools in the south. I have not had anything colder than an Atlanta winter (which do get pretty cold ->10 degrees Celsius, 50 F, today) in the last 8 years. Why are all the good schools in cold places? I say if you can't wear flip-flops in November people shouldn't live there.

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Paulus said...

Hmm... sounds like when I was applying for undergrad (UC was the second-southernmost of 9, though why I picked the coldest is beyond me, still... ;-)).

Best wishes on good returns!