Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Walking Thoughts 2/ Where are They Now?

So unfortunately my shuffle died today during a power outage yesterday at work (actually it lasted most of the day, and since we rarely print anything most of us just sat around thinking of all the work that we would have to do once the power came on again—Which it did an hour before our official quitting time)
And I had to walk home without my music. As my Peace Corps friends can tell you me walking home with only my own thoughts for company lead to some very interesting ruminations. The night before I was reflecting on the lessons I had learned from different men/guys in my life. So on this particular walk home I began to think about all of the people who have touched my life and I’ll probably never see again.

I’m not talking about the Marlon Gibbs, BJ Walker, Mary Flichel, Nicholas Moore, Ryan Cook, Walter Snipes, Howard, Jeff Kerr, or Mara Buske- types. Those I know if I wanted to or tried hard enough I could use some connections and seek them out or go to the right place at the right times and find them.

Nor am I talking about the Matt Kroger, Beth Flory, Akil Bjorn, Joe Furgeson, Tall Jeff, DQ, David Mayer- people who I just happened to lose contact with, through one unanswered email or another. These I could also possibly pick up contact with.

I’m talking about those people who I may never meet again. People who have definitely influenced my journey and thoughts, but due to changes in life, location, or thought I will probably never see again.
Darrel Norris, Brian and Eric Bross, Steven Stubbins, Mary Kate Dick, Julia Kloeker, Rob Edgecome, Scott Thompson, Bryce Reed, Justus Kim, Jared Kohn, Aumbi Desterious, Angula Whilhemine, Ashipolo Margareta, Phil Kidd, Alfred (who I always called fettuccini - alfredo), Chris Sullivan, Atidi Kerni, Jesse (PCT from Mali), Charlie Roberts, Phil and Casey Adams, Stewart Young . . .

The list goes on. And these are only my peers or younger, lets not talk about all of my seniors, learners and students through out the years etc. But it does make one think . . . who may be wondering where you are?


Paulus said...

Admittedly I haven't been any better, but I thought Magistra was still ocassionally in touch with MKD...

But it does give one pause. I get the feeling ocassionally when digging through my address book and I see all the people I still have in there.

Margarette said...

Magistra may still be in contact with her, but I doubt if I actually get to catch up with her again