Tuesday, January 10, 2006

12:36 am EST

I was officially finished submitting applications to all of my schools for this year. UMich was submitted (it was waiting these last few weeks on a global health essay) and now all I have to do is sit back and wait for the Med School Interviews, Public Health School Acceptances and offers for Fellowships and Assistanceships.

Thank you to everyone who helped me through this.

My recommending professors who received at all manner of strange times additions and impending deadlines, and put so much time, energy, and faith in me.
Anna Leo
Arri Eisen
Ben Freed
Bradd Shore
Tom Insel

My family who read endless drafts of my personal statements and my resume, helped me refine and define my purpose (and some times rewrite entirely), and by their funding allowed me to apply to medical school at all.
Don Shegog II and Dr. Jamehl Demons
Dr. Mychelle L. Shegog
Marya L. Shegog
Dr. Rose Watson
Mom and Dad (Don R. Shegog I MD and Rev. Jeannette T. Shegog)

To all my friends who continually reminded me that I could do this, listened when I complained, read and re-read my personal statements and essays, kept me from becoming hysterical (and talked me out of it when I did) and dealt with me in general. Especially:
Shawn (sorry for the 3am call from India about the MCATs)
Naima (thanks for allowing me to give you good excuses to procrastinate)
Kate (for reminding me that there is a bigger picture and that we are all in-debt to someone)
Nate (for never being surprised at the things that shock me)
Andy (for allowing me to disturb your work whenever I had news from a school)
And everyone else who has ever sent me positive energy, prayers, good wishes, and supported me in my continuing pursuit of my MD/MPH in preventative medicine.


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