Sunday, January 22, 2006

*Tick* - *Tock*

Alright, So the most frustrating thing about applying to things (read Medical Schools) is that there is no REAL time-line for invitations to interview. They all have deadlines for Primary and Secondary applications then they jump straight to the March/April wait-list or Decision dates. No dates (or even estimation) for when interview invitations come out. I was also probably over excited by my GW SHPH acceptance, but still . . . It would be great if they gave a sister a clue on when she should start preparing the applications for next year. (and I definitely have a few changes if I have to go through this again) Or if I should just continue to read up on Medical issues that may come up in interviews.

Even to see your application status (which generally just tells me that all of my info is in) One must go through an elaborate maze of passwords, log-in codes, and user-names. EG. for your User-name use your AMCAS ID. For your password use the first number of your birthday in DD/MM/YYYY, the last 3 letters of your Last name, The first 2 numbers of your SS number, The first two letters in your permanent street address, then run around the room 3 times, pronounce your undying devotion to the medical practice and our school of medicine, pray to 4 deities or saints of your choice for their assistance in being granted an interview and/or admission, and send us a check for $75. Then hit submit.

BTW Of all the possible Medical Systems I've read up on. Germany seems to have the best (though I can't really explain it) Next I like socialized systems. Yes they are costly, but at least everyone is served and served well. It was recently found that only 55% of people who sought medical services in the US last year received adequate and accurate service. And given my Mom's Sinus issues I would agree. One of the reasons to become a doctor- Someone has to do things right.

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