Monday, January 30, 2006


“Are you Indian?”
“No”- Me
“I didn’t think so. Your skin color is right, but your hair is all wrong!”—Random guy standing behind me waiting in an ATM line

"I was going to count how many people stared at her as we were walking, but I gave up when we hit the end of the block and I was already up to 25"-- Chris, a friend of Andy's vising from Bangalore, debriefing Andy on our morning walk.

"Dude there was bout 13 on that wall back there"- Alana, in a competition to see how many men we could count urinating in public on our way to the mall.

“Are you married?”
“No”- Me
“Oh, I’m sorry”—Auntie that works at the CINI canteen

“Are you looking for the Auntie with the big hair? I know where she lives. I’ll show you. You know, I’m her special friend. She talks to me everyday . . .”—Kids who live across the road from me. Said to some Co-workers looking for our house for our Holiday party.

“Are you brother and sister”
“Oh, no. We’re just friends”- Sujit and I
“ You’re friends”
“You’re Friends
“You’re engaged?”
“Actually we are sisters”- Sujit
--Conversation held with the guy at the shop where we bought an outfit for a friend of his.

“Are you Muslim?’
“No”- Me
“Then why is your head covered”
“Because I’m exercising”
“Ohhhh”—Random man outside of the park where I go running occasionally. I was wearing a bandana

Overheard in meetings at CINI-ARC
“Child In Need Institute . . . We should be called the Staff In Need Institute”—Rupa, on her birthday as we talked about how most of the females in CINI are single.

“CINI is becoming quite a sexy organization” – Principal of a school requesting how the guest speaker from CINI-ARC not talk about sex.

“There are many other body parts to talk about”-Same principal elaborating.

“What’s a DIC”—Ansul, at the end of a meeting in which Drop In Centers (DIC) were the main topic of discussion.

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