Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Okay for real

So I know these posts are comming across really calm, but I'm actually estatic. Several times a day I have to stop myself from turning around and telling anyone around me that I got into Berkeley. Now this whole nomination from OSU for a full fellowship. It's just crazy, and by crazy I mean incredible. So I'm now going to put up happy pictures because it makes me happy, and I'm a bit giddy. :)

Me in the Atlantic Ocean in Senegal last March right before I came home. Not at all a really good picture of me, but being there made me really happy

Happy Opus, who is by far one of my favorite characters and one of the most clever strip. Courtsey of the Berkely Breathed Website.

This is Luther (pronounced Ruthere in Oshiwambo, Dove and thier cousin who were Kids on my second home in Namibia, Kate's House. They are holding two of my dog Nando's puppies, Max and Kwen.

A bunch of us dancing at Neela's house last October, during the Halloween party

Okay I know the picture is kinda grainy, for some reason it doesn't like being a Jpg. But I really like this picture. This is Me and Dev at our Non-Denominational Celebration of Good Will Party. Doing what i do so often (and much better with company)

Ruracana, Namibia. The whole country is a dessert save this small oasis. You'v got to love water and green.


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