Friday, February 17, 2006

Sari Wearing/ Don't Fake the Funk

I am amazed that people are constantly amazed that I can wear a sari and put one on myself. (Though I blame my proficiency with 6 meters of cloth from having to wrap so many togas back in my JCL Latin costuming days) Oh yeah I also have learned that people stare at me more when I wear a sari, especially if I have my 'fro out.

The humor of the morning was watching people watch me as I bopped down the street wearing a sari (Indian Culture) listening to Latin Music (Latin culture) with my 'fro out (Black American culture) :)

I'm pretty sure my rocking my way down the street (however conservatively I attempt to do it) doesn't help me be inconspicuous.

So my day has pretty much been made by taking an extended (really extended) lunch with one of my favorite people here Anerut. Hey I had to do something to celebrate. I also felt pretty bad by talking about all the foreigners (especially white foreigners) who show up in India and don flowy clothes, bendis (the dot or decoration in between your eyes) etc. "Go Native" as Anerut put it. Granted I was wearing a Sari while I said this (I don't have any other formal clothes here really). But it really irks me the people who come to another country and "Fake the Funk" so to speak. Especially if they are only here on holiday. (and you can always tell those who are on holiday, they don't haggle at the market and they tend to be scruffier). Granted I definitely plan to wear a sari off the plane and look like I lived in India when I get home on July 2nd. But I figure learning Bengali, Taking Kathak and living here for so long (not to mention the garbas and holidays I spent with Anju and the rest of the Joshi's and all of the Emory Indian Cultural Exchange stuff) does entitle me to a bit of funkiness. (Non-Faked)

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