Monday, March 06, 2006

Current Happy things

Current Happy Music

“Sunday Morning” Maroon 5
“If You Could Only See” Everclear
“Find Him” Cassandra Wilson
“I’m Not a Fucking Drag Queen”- Peter Outerbridge
“Take a letter Maria”- R. B. Greaves
“Shining Star”-Roots, D’Angelo, Eryka Badu

Current Desktop
Satchel one of my dog Nando's puppies

Nice things about living in this particular brown country-

Upside-People can tell if I'm looking flushed or pale
Downside-People can also tell if I'm blushing (which I've tried to convince people for years I don't do, doesn't work here)

Upside-Plenty of fun hair oils, conditioners, and products
Downside-Still can't go to a salon, because my grade of curly hair confuses people