Thursday, March 23, 2006

Becoming a Regular

So I go to the small corner convenient store, walk up to the guy and ask him for 2 rolls of TP (everything is behind the counter). He smiles grabs them hands them over and asks if that is all. I say yes, he looks confused and says "No Chocolate biscuits?" Yes my friends I have become a regular.

I love becoming a regular. It means you give one place enough of your service, and they like you enough to remember your order. This has only happened to me in two other places: Nando's in Namibia, (where they remembered I don't like mayonnaise on my chicken burgers) and Atlanta Dinner. Becoming a regular at Atlanta Dinner was really one of my proudest moments. Walking in and having someone bring my hot water with lemon and honey and a glass of cold without even asking, was brilliant and took many episodes of late night studying and Saturday afternoons.

Being a regular is apart of really making someplace home. I wonder where I'll become a regular next.


suceet said...

Hey Margarette - that i like. I experienced it in Columbus Ohio as well as in Gloucester VA. HOLA!

Parton Words said...

You are so right. And it's all a part of that process of making a new home...for however long that may be. I love it than when I go to the Florey Takeaway now, the lady behind the counter gives my kids lollies. And I love it the chef at O'Neil's Irish Pub at Dickson knowns just how I like my steak cooked

me! (naima) said...

We became regulars with the egg lady in Accra(too bad we still don't know her name).

And don't forget your fatcake ladies at school.

And there's always the Chameleon in Windhoek!!!! (ahhh, I miss the couch and movies).