Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Work Stuff

So I once again have taken the patience to put up pictures, and since I've recently talked about work so much I'd figure it'd make sense for you to see a bit of where I do, what I do.

CINI-ARC and one of the many guard guys that work there.

Because space is pretty scarce most times, I had set myself up in my nook (when my laptop was working properly anyway). So here is where I do all my writing and spend 5 out of 7 days.

This is the computer room, pretty much where every one else works, and me too now that my laptop is in the shop. The upside is that I've been able to have some fun online conversations. I'm usually in the seat that the woman in yellow is sitting in.

This is actually at work too. At the end of each month everyone (fieldworkers, directors, program managers, resource staff etc) get together to give updates on how each project is going. This particular time also happened to be CINI-ARC's anniversary too. This is Chandreyee, we work together on the youth participation evaluation and she's generally pretty cool. She's also my partner for forming Harry Potter Theories. . . Did I mention she also dances?

So the few times I'm not in the office I'm in the field. Back in December I wrote about the Youth Melas(Fairs) Here are some pictures from them. This is just a typical booth. The woman on the Left is Tulika an Outreach worker for this program.

The guys had a slow bike race which I've only seen/participated in once before at a Jack and Jill event. Still pretty fun.

After the guys had their race, the girls gathered to play "Pass the Ball" (Hot Potato) They made me play too and I ended up winning.

Here I am embarrassedly accepting my prize which turned out to be a VCD of Song clips from Bengali films, and a strange plug-in scene which I re-gifted at our Non-denominational Festival of Good Tidings. Not the VCD though. That I actually find pretty entertaining.

Oh and this is just a really pretty area in one of the villages. It makes me miss living in the rural land. You don't get this in the city.

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