Wednesday, March 29, 2006

You Call that Hot?

After opening my doors out to the balcony, turning my fan on high and wearing as little as possible as a shield to the elements, I still spent a night a little too warm for comfort. When I looked at my fabulous travel clock this morning it told me that it was 32 degrees C at 6:45am (89.6 F, it always seems more daunting in Fahrenheit). Yes my friends it is definitely no longer winter or even spring. Two distressing things about this fact.

1- It's only March. Things keep getting hotter until August just like the states and I don't have an air-conditioner

2- The highs of where I may be next year are still in the low teens C (I'm actually not as uncomfortable as I probably should be, therefore I will freeze next year)

PHS update, I'm leaning toward OSU. . . they do want to pay me after all.

1 comment:

Paulus said...

Ah yes, Spring has finally arrived here (Cleveland), too... it might get to 70F by the end of the week... then drop again. :-P

And good to hear about the money for school!