Friday, March 31, 2006

Closer to Out Than In

I've come to realize that I really only have another 3 months here and less than 3 at my site. Where has the time gone. I should go into one of those long things about the things I've come to appreciate here and will miss, but I will leave that for June. In the meantime you get

Things that still Irk me-

Honking: although I don't hear it 1/2 of the time and have been able to tune out a lot, I shouldn't have to have my shuffle on high just to hear the back beat to a song.

Ineffective meetings: Okay, for every 5 or 6 meetings we have only one thing or Plan Of Action is chosen. At least in Namibia I was at power to change it (well my meetings anyway) and things were definitely decided at those all day PTA meetings (even if they weren't acted upon always).

Men "Brushing By" me: The side walk is huge, buddy, use the space, and don't touch my ass.

Feces on the Side of the Road: No poop-er scooper laws around here, and with all the street dogs it would be pretty hard, but some of it. . ..

Public Urination: Okay it's not really irksome, just funny. Especially when they look around while they are peeing.

Things I still miss-

Booty Shaking: Because of the lack of booty in this country, people don't really shake it. After living in the "Dirty-Dirty South" and then in Southern Africa (where everyone even the white people have booties) I miss it, and no one really appreciates it here. Or at least not in the right ways.

Non Pretentious Clubs with Good Music: Most of the ones we went to in Africa were like that and I'd found one in ATL too. Here, even when the music is really good, people are often too snooty to dance.

Peace Corps Health Care: It really spoils you for any other, its so good (especially when you are traveling)

My Dog: Nando or Chaka, there's nothing like having a fuzzy companion to come home to.

My Cell Phone: With voice activation, and being able to call any of my friends at almost anytime. I really miss being able to talk to you all.

Friends who Don't Leave: As I said in Desultory in Cal people are always coming for a bit and leaving. Very cool people but you do miss them when they are gone. (I'm sure some are wishing the same about me. . . I hope :)

Things that still sadden me-

Beggars: You just can't give to anyone, and I do give often as much as I can. But I still feel bad when I don't give.

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