Sunday, March 26, 2006

On the Town

As most know I have no problems taking on the cities I live in alone. Save the cost of taxis (or Petrol in the States) I love taking a day to look about, take in a mid-day movie, sit in a cafe and read or treat myself to a nice lunch. Last Saturday I had my first official lone day on the town.

Order of the day:
Buying an Umbrella and window shopping in the mall
Seeing Pride and Prejudice
Looking through Crosswords for a book of my Guru-ji's that I lost (and resisting buying a book of Marian Keys short stories)
Looking through Oxford for the same book
Waiting for a friend to have drinks (He's one of those silly people who don't have Cell Phones, couldn't tell me he couldn't get out)

Bad lines used on me through the day:
Where are you from?
I know someone who is just about your size.
What's the time?
*Just following me around*

The best part was the new Pride and Prejudice, mainly because I didn't know it was in town and just fun.

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