Thursday, June 08, 2006

A Typical Conversation These Days

Them: How's it going?
Me: Not bad.
Them: Hey you're leaving pretty soon aren't you?
Me: I leave Kol/Cal. on the 24th and India July 2nd.
Them: Wow, Option 1-Are you excited?
Option 2-How did you enjoy Kolkata?
Option 3- Ready to go?

Me: Answer 1- Yes and No, It will be nice to be back around family and friends. And be able to call people without waking them up in the middle of the night or costing a fortune. It'll also be nice to have more than 5 months to try to see everyone, and some people, like my Sister Mychelle, I haven't seen since before I left for Peace Corps (2002). But It's hard to imagine living in the states full time. The American Accent is perfectly terrible, and I'm definitely not used to everyone speaking in English. Plus after all of the fun and exciting places I've lived all the different cultures living in Ohio seems to pale in comparison. Though I am excited to finally start my LONG road to MD/MPH-dom. And if I have to live in OH I would want to be in Columbus. You know my friend Julia has already found a couple of flats for me to look at.

Answer 2-Kolkata is a great city. I think I'm also just used to it now, but I'll really miss my sabji-wallas (veggie sellers), Peanut-Wallas, and my convenience store guys.

Them: Kolkata is a very warm city

Me: Not to mention all my friends here. What will I do when I can't call up Anirudh, Lily or Patrick to go out for pints. Or have Nil and Dev to dance with at Roxy. I'll miss wandering out to Park St. and having random things happen from there. Or having Neela Call up with some exciting new plan I'd never thought of.

Answer 3-Not at all. I'm posting a box of stuff home (I've bought way too many clothes. .. well not really considering I don't have many after being a Peace Corps Volunteer). Let's not even talk about all the work I'm trying to finish for CINI. Meanwhile, I'm running around town like mad getting all of my "So I went to India and brought back _______ for you" presents. It's so hard to buy things people will actually like and use. I think I'm buying something crazy like 3 more saris for people at home. Do you know a good place to find a white sari?


Somewhat Sane said...

Do you want to look at flats while you're in C-bus in July?

Margarette said...

Of course, thats one of the 3 major reasons I'm going. The 1st being hanging out with friends :) and 2nd talking to OSU