Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Top Ten Reasons I know it's Time to Go #5

The cute little land lady and landlord. Who have been reasonably good about everything, declare that you owe them 3000 extra Rs for rent that you already paid (granted I forgot until Andy reminded me), 3900 extra for water and electric that has allegedly not been read in the last 3 months. And wait until Andy leaves (he was here this weekend) and ambush me as I come home from a late night at work 8:30pm. Call me a lair, declare I'm a terrible person and I should know better working for an NGO for trying pay my cleaning woman who has not come or not cleaned the floors (which is 1/2 of her job the other 1/2 is the dishes) 300Rs instead of 400Rs. Yell at me in English and in Bangla until I'm perfectly in hysterics and tears (it had been a long and frustrating day). Until I literally have to scream.

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