Thursday, June 15, 2006

Back Blog Lauren, Liz & Jen Visit

So Lauren, Liz and Jen came for a whirl-wind Kolkata visit. Unfortunately we were all together for only about 12 hours, but it was still fun. Liz and Lauren got to Kolkata Thursday evening, but as I had to work I couldn't join until Friday night. We met up at Forum had a great traditional Bengali Dinner at Kewpies. Then headed out to ShiSha for a cherry hookah and dancing. Saturday we shopped until Jen joined us at New Market then headed to Nil & Dev's studio where we spent all afternoon dressing in d's finest. Jen found more than she could carry home (easily) Lauren got sleeked out in some corsets, I found my new opera Dress, and even Liz bought a really nice jacket.

We then headed back to Lily's flat for showers, dressing to go out, and wine before we all went out to Roxy to dance the night away. Liz & Lauren's flight left at 5am, so we danced until 3:30, went to a Azad Hidin dhaba (The best place for late night food -essentially a diner) and set them off to get their flight at 4:00. The rest of us went home for a few hours sleep before Jen and I were up at 6am to meet the Sunday Hashers at 7 for a Vic Memorial walk, breakfast at Flurries, and a look at the marble palace.

Jen & I then went to the Kali Temple (my third attempt) and actually were able to get in and see her. I bought my shell bracelets and we went home for well deserved naps. There was a d barbecue with some of the best grilled veggies and the first chicken I actually enjoyed in months. Just about everyone was there and there was music dancing and the trying on of clothes & shoes. A great ending to a fabulous weekend. Jen managed to get all of her purchases in a bag and caught a taxi out as I went to work 9am Monday.

Victoria Reflections

Yvonick & Jen contomplating at Victoria's feet

The Marble Palace (mansion more like it, 2 floors, a garden and a mini zoo of greek and roman(esque) statues, paintings from several different schools and eras, and antiques. (no pictures are alowed inside)

d. Barbeque (and Nil is an amazing cook) I ment to get one in his d. appron but couldn't.
Seema saried out and my new opera dress.

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