Sunday, June 18, 2006

Things I see everyday Part 2

Here's more stuff I see walking down Gariahat. This is the main way I go to get to the ATM, my tailors, buy books off the street etc. I told you it wasn't that interesting.

More kids at the end of my block. They are cute.
Buy your clothes, bedsheets, towels, and shoes, right on the street.

One of the four views of Gariahat proper. I took shots from all 4 corners, but this has the most character I think.

Happy Book sellers. You can buy just about any book for 45-150 Rs (1-3 USD), but you will have to haggle a lot.

Yes they do walk the streets. Though I don't usually see them everyday.

Gol Park Roundabout.

The Ramkrishna Mission it's just opposite the side street that leads to CINI-ARC Office

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