Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Strangest Thing I've Ever Seen - To date

As I was walking across Dhakuria bridge this morning on my way to work. I saw a young woman running down the street in middle traffic (which happened to be in the same direction she was running). She was only wearing a sari blouse and a string around her waist and was running about medium pace. More remarkable than what she wasn't wearing was the fact that her hair was in a normal bun and her expression was one of calm and maybe a bit of determination.

She proceeded to run switching to run down the median then into the oncoming traffic side. Needless to say in conservative Kolkata I was shocked. to see a young woman running mostly naked down the street. There seems to be no custom that this behavior would correlate to, and no one was attempting to stop her or informing the police (there were traffic control men on either side of the bridge)

Kolkata is Surreal.

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