Thursday, December 08, 2005

Working Overtime

Office hours are generally from 9:30am-5: 30pm, but people often stay much later. It is an NGO so people may come in a bit late, but tend to stay even later. Yesterday, I had trekked through a baseline survey on one of the projects I'm reviewing.

It was basically a demographic look at 10 villages:

· The ages young people get married (15-17 for girls and 21-22 for boys)

· The relationship between the husband and wife (Varies, if they don't have a room of their own the communication tends to be pretty low, but most couples will talk about family matters in the evening even if the husband makes decisions on his own)

· The relationship between the wife and her in-laws (The less intrusive, the better the relationship seems to be)

· What contraceptive methods they know of and may be using (About 1/2 were using some contraceptive, and most of those were using Oral Contraceptives. Many were aware of condoms, but not their use in preventing STIs and most men didn't want to use them)

Anyway there was some work I felt like I needed to finish so I was busy reading documents and formulating the survey questions to use in the field and suddenly the office guy shows up with tea and a plate of samosas. Sometimes it does pay to work overtime.

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