Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The 28th and Field Visits

On the 28th of each month everyone from CINI-ARC get together at the Golpark, Kolkata office to update each of the projects.

In real terms this means that all of the Project Assistants and main field workers up to the ARC director gather to sit on the roof veranda of the office to get updates drink tea and listen to what has happened. Since this is also one of the few times everyone is in office everyone is calling everyone else for a meeting. I was supposed to meet with 3 different project heads yesterday (of course only one of those occurred and it became a 4 ½ hour meeting). It’s kinda fun having everyone here, but also pretty frustrating as the office is packed to the hilt and everyone is talking or calling someone else.

So I’m moving out of the literature review and reading up on project documents. Which is what I’ve been doing more or less since I found my project was going to be evaluation, review, and documentation. Reading up on Youth Friendly Reproductive Health Services (you couldn’t imagine how much lit is on this) and project proposals, reports and baseline surveys (again since I’m reviewing 3 projects this is a lot of paper and e-docs).

But now I get to do the fun part (which I had forgotten) there was one. Which is field visits. I’ve only done one mini/tester Focus Group Discussion, but I’ve been visiting Youth Fairs, which are going on now. There is a Reproductive Health Camp that I will see next week and visiting Drop in Centers and youth meetings. The fun part is being in the field where stuff is actually going on, hanging out with the youth and getting their perspective on things. (Which is the crux of my job anyway).

The down side is getting there. I generally have to take 2-4 auto-rickshaws and a bus to get to any of the field areas. Which just gets exhausting.

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