Sunday, December 18, 2005


It’s Christmas time again though you can’t tell from my surroundings. Through my past few Christmases away I’ve realized there are some things I really miss (other than family and friends of course)

  • Christmas songs- From radio stations to advent songs in church to carolers I really miss hearing all of the favorites. On top of that my “Ultimate Shegog Christmas CD” I made as a gift to my family my last Christmas at home is with a fair amount of my stuff in Baltimore (Thank you for bring it back in the country Ashley).
  • Christmas Decorations- Lit houses, Christmas trees, tinsel, holly, mistletoe. Yes it is cheesy, but I haven’t seen these things in 4 years now.
  • The Christmas Spirit- By this I don’t mean the crazy buying mood people go into or as Tom Lehr said “the Commercial Sprit.” I like the fact that people at Christmas in general or in specific begin to think of others instead of themselves. That some will take time and try to find the perfect gift for someone else
  • Christmas TV specials-Though I did buy the VCD of White Christmas, it’s not quite the same as turning on the TV in time to catch “Charlie Brown’s Christmas,” “How the Grinch stole Christmas” (the original not Jim Carrey) or “Frosty the Snowman.” But this may just be nostalgia at this point. TiVo takes all of the careful planning out of it, and many of the new Christmas specials have become just ridiculous.
  • Christmas HOLIDAY- Because Christmas and New Years fall on the weekend we don’t get any more days off. So Dec 23rd and Dec 26th I’ll be in the field doing some field observation of the Youth Fairs going on. I could go to my Kathak lessons on Christmas eve and Day too, but there are some things I won’t do if I have a choice
So that’s it for Christ-misses, more on my actual plans later

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