Friday, December 09, 2005

Memoriam Levi Dobbins

It is truly beyond words to try and explain the indomitable loving wise spirit that we are honoring today. If grandmother Thomas was the matriarch of the family I always considered Uncle Levi the Patriarch. Though he held this lofty position he was never inaccessible or dictorial. He would give suggestions, if sought, and sometimes if not sought. However the thing I will miss most is his presence. Uncle Levi was always there. Always there, sitting on the third or fourth pew from the front on the left hand side. I didn’t see him in the forefront unless he was called there, and he was often called. Uncle Levi didn’t take the head of the table; it was given to him. But brought to the front or sitting quietly to the side, he was there, a constant source of love and support. Over all it is his peaceful presence I will miss.


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