Sunday, December 11, 2005


Maybe I’ve read to many books by male authors (Eric Segall and Chetan Bhagat) lately or too much standup comedy (I only have Richard Pryor, Chris Rock, Bill Cosby and Robin Williams with me). But it seems to me that guys are constantly complaining that they have the worst of dating, because they have to propose or ask someone out. While the girls just sit idly by and dole out judgments saying yes or no.

What is their deal?! They act like females are getting proposals every two seconds. In spite of what they may think or Chris Rock may proclaim this is a fallacy (as I’m sure Naima will agree with me). I’ve been set up before and approached by the sketchy guys on the street but, in all of my 25 years only once (maybe twice) have not made the first move. The times when I didn’t it was mutual, and took a long time to coordinate. (And I’m not sure that time really counted as it was in a Mali Peace Corps house and Peace Corps situations make everything a bit odd) Guys should not complain if they don’t actually take action. If anyone has room to complain it should be us, we not horribly unattractive nice girls who are still stuck watching movies by ourselves on Friday and Saturday nights or hanging out in coffee shops reading books on weekend afternoons.

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