Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Hair Delema

So this isn't quite in pattern with wedding decisions but is is one of the things I worry most about.

Just Curly  and Free
Anyone who knows me knows about my thick, curly, sometimes unruly hair.  I love my hair.  I have extremely thick and curly natural Black American Hair.
Somewhat contained

Due to how long it takes to blow out my hair (3 hours) and flat iron it (another 2-3 hours)  I only wear my hair straight when one of my friends is willing to do it this, usually at their request, and usually they only do that once. 
Blown Out

I have plenty of fun styles I like to wear,  but weddings are supposed to be something great.
Normal day to day look
Out and Free-er in Israel
So now for my rant, inspired by I Do My Do

There are almost NO good ideas for naturally curly wedding hair styles.  Most of the ones I find just show people who have their hair either in a 'Fro, twisted, or straightened for the wedding.  I know there are natural styles out there, why don't people display them more.   Moreover when they do show a curly style it is for someone who has extremely loose curls or very thin hair.  ARGH!

On the upside I have managed to find a great, affordable hairdresser in Dayton who is creative and willing to work with me.  Best believe there will be plenty of pictures posted when we do it properly.

So for anyone who has naturally curly hair and wants wedding hair style ideas, here are some pictures from my idea folder that I've been collecting for the last 3ish years.   I don't own the rights to any of the pictures and hope I'm not violating any laws.

And I challenge Pantene, Carol's Daughter, or any of those hair product places who love to rave about how they can do anyone's hair to try mine  ;-)

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Stephan said...

You know I vote for a poofy wedding.