Friday, November 11, 2005

Cat's Away

So Andy (the other fellow and my flat-mate) is leaving for the weekend. Which leave me to run amok at will this weekend. Here are the current options. (Keep in mind that I should be productive and I have a quickly diminishing{read diminished} budget)

1) Stay home and work on the UMich School of Public Health Application (Most productive, Best on the budget, Most boring as well)

2) Throw a wild party (I'd have to find friends in Kolkata first, Cleaning would be taken care of by our cleaning lady, Only good for the budget if I charged-which brings me back to the first point)

3) Naked Time (Can be multi-tasked, No affect on budget, May invite watching-we did spend a good 15 mins or more watching a rather unattractive guy in the flat across from ours walk around in relatively saggy red briefs for no particular reason during our dinner party)

4) Spend both days at the International Kolkata Film Festival (I've always wanted to go to one of these, I love films, Questionable on the budget)

5) Lay around reading eating Andy's ice-cream and using his spices to cook (Also can be multi-tasked, virtually no affect on my budget, Guilt)

Any more suggestions?

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BlondeWonder said...

NAKED TIME!! I think you can be more creative by morphing many of your ideas into one plan. For example, why not eat Andy's ice cream while lounging naked in your apartment and filling out your application. In addition to fulfilling many of your tasks at once, there may be unforseen benefits. Just think, that unattractive guy across the way may have a very attractive, articulate roommate who loves to write. Not only would you make a new friend (and ice cream eating partner...heh, heh!), you'd also get your work done!