Tuesday, November 01, 2005

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So I've been wearing glass bangles for almost a month now. The Bangles are *almost* too small for my hands and the only reason I'm wearing them now is because this auntie in the village grabbed my hand and folded it in ways I'd never seen before in order to get them on. And I haven't taken the time coat my hands in oil to try and manipulate them off. So I was wearing 30 Bangles. 13 left and 12 right. These bangles have stood up to all of my flailing and one classical Indian dance class.
Then we went dancing Saturday night at this really cute club called Tantra. And after all that this glass jewelry has stood up to at some point I looked at the dance floor and noticed that one of my bangles had broken. By the end of the night a lot had broken or cracked so I had to break them off. Now I only have 6 left and 8 right.
So after all that all I had to do is go dancing. . . . . who knew

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SCTThomas said...

Does this mean that you'll get bangles that are not made of glass for future wear?