Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Finished Interviewing and Small Wedding Rant

So I finished interviewing. . . HOORAY.   I had Wright State today and Lancaster on Monday.  My Rank list is going to be difficult.  What's more. . . taxing is all of the kiss up letters - AKA - stay in contact letters I'm going to have to write.  I know my number one (wouldn't you like to know :-p)  but the rest of my list is totally up for grabs.

As for wedding stuff.  There are some details that still left to be in done: Hair, Mehndi, Chuppah, Make-Up still all need to be decided and defined.  Oh How I wish People would RSVP !!!  More than 1/2 the list hasn't yet, and the ones who have want to bring other people.  It's like. . . uhmmmm where are they going to sit?  We are literally against fire codes here.  120  that is all.  But here's the real rant.  When looking up garters for larger thighs why do they always show skinny little thighs in the picture?  I asked for plus size.  Seeing this woman whose thigh is as large as my calf doesn't help me determine if this will fit on my large thighs.  A very poor selling point and just darn annoying.  Yes I know my thighs are large, don't keep rubbing it in!!!

Alright.  Back to writing thank you emails.  They say 4th year is fun. . . I'll let you know when it starts.

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