Monday, July 10, 2006

Strange Americans

I've realized that there are many things I'm not used to from living in India for the last 10 months. Here are some of them.

  • Cars that actually stop when you cross the road, because they are afraid they might hit you. - I was crossing the street relatively close to a car and was shocked that it stopped. In Kolkata they would've just continued. As I've almost gotten hit by a bus, and have a scar from a rickshaw that drove too close to the corner where I was trying to cross
  • Money that is all the same color. Yes the 20 & 10 are all sorts of strange colors, but really it's all green. I had trouble paying for things a couple times because I thought my 10's were only 1's and ended up continually breaking 20's.
  • Americans are strange. They can be incredibly polite about standing in line (not just pushing to the front) or asking for a bite of food or drink of water (one of my friends was thirsty for longer than expected because she was waiting for me to offer water while I was used to people just taking it). But can also be very (unnecciarily in my opinon) rude when ordering, waiting on food or in line.
  • Americans are also generally supersized. . . uh fat.
  • There also a riddiculous amount of options
  • America is cold (compared to Kolkata with no Air Condintioning in most places)


Paulus said...

Welcome home! :-D

Somewhat Sane said...

I was waiting for you to offer water because you were talking about being dizzy! I wasn't being polite. I was making sure you got enough water, so you didn't pass out on me. rofl!

Kate said...

so even if I do agree with your "americans are strange" blurb....
We [americans, that is] will let you slide calling us "them" for awhile.
But eventually my dear sister, revolting though it may be, you eventually will have to start changing your "They's" to "We's." At least for the time being anyhow. That being said, if you can find a relatively cheap way out of the country, even if its just for a vacation, please consider me as a travel buddy. I'm actually an unemployed travel guide, and will offer my services free of charge.