Thursday, July 13, 2006

Here and There

Okay after spending a week at home I'm slightly more adjusted but only slighytly. Meanwhile here are a few other things I found interesting about here and there.

-There is an abusurd amount of water in the toilet bowls :-s
but there is always toilet paper :-)
-No one randomly offers you tea :-(
-People look at you strangely when you go to "visit the loo" Look for a "dust bin" or decide to take a "kip" :-s
-People also look at you strangely when you walk down the street with an umbrella because the sun is too bright :-(
-Guys actually check you out, nod in approval, or chat you up instead of just staring at you like you are an alien :-)

-No western toilet much less toilet paper :-(
but there is water which comes in handy even if there is paper there too :-)
-Chai wallas (sellers) :-)
-Peanut and veggie wallas selling increadbly cheap, fresh, and more organic veggies :-)
-More veggie food in general :-)
-More oily food in general :-(
-More technology :-s (TiVo, Blue tooth, WiFi, all of these things still moderately scare me)

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