Thursday, May 11, 2006

Scary and Home

So they finally brought back my laptop from the shop, and it appears to be fixed. But they left my dongle (yes my laptop is that old). And I caught myself telling the delivery guy "I'm not asking you I'm telling you that I put it in there." Which sounds exactly like something my father would say. Isn't it scary when we start sounding like our parents.

Since I'm leaving soon people keep asking me if I'm excited to go home and what I've thought of Kolkata. I've also caught myself referring to Namibia as home recently. Which made me think "What is/where is home?"

Though my HOR (Home of Record) is 6923 Noble Ave. Cincy. That is definitely what I think of when I think of home. I know I felt like home when Kate, Nate, Naima and I all met up in Whitefish last year. Cal is comfortable. I'm comfortable here, but is it home?

Maybe I've elevated to the point that I am at home within myself so I carry home wherever I go. But somehow I feel like I shouldn't get stared-at at home, and I definitely get stared at home (They did eventually stop in Namibia after a few months). Though I'm definitely becoming a regular at my pizzeria and local Pub/Club. I know the DJ's and waiters, and people are starting to recognize me.

I think that's the scary thin about moving to Columbus for me. This is the first city I'll move to where I already feel at home. There will be no adjustment period (other than finding a flat), I know the area, some cool people in the city, and some places to chill. Never before have I moved to a place where I've already felt at home.

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