Thursday, October 27, 2005



1) Many things happen to me from day to day that are worthy of note

2) Most of these things are not worth a mass email

3) I have daily access to a computer

Be It Resolved:

To start a Blog.

Yes I have come to the dark side.

*This entry was inspired by the many hours spent by the many hours spent at Youth Annual Conference for the UMC working with Robert's Rules of Order
Thanks Rob.


Anonymous said...
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Somewhat Sane said...

Ah, Roberts Rules of Orders....

That brings back some memories of old.

Ashley said...

we love you margie!!! we miss you madly. we get paid next week..big girl checks... and we are sending you some goodies for thanksgiving and christmas. oh and some left over halloween candy. so happy that the chai keeps you sane. and that you have an office. yeah, marg you have graduate to a RACE volunteer at last. anyway, lauren and i are fine. we talk about your crazy a$$ all the time. i spent t he weekend w her in her new DC crib. its in a nice neighborhood. though there was a hobo or the doorstep as we left for work monday. ah the disparities of sure India is the same if not worse though. how is the mail system there. better or worse than namibia. oh margie we love and support you. we think you are wicked awesome. i am in the process of writing a book and you wont guess what its about..and you wont beleive what i have decided to dedicate my life to. i will email you that personally so no one can steal my sh!# and try to bootleg it as thier own. oh big haired hippie one, you are always in our thoughts. lauren is bad about writing but know that she thinks you are the sh%$. expect a package. please blog more about what life is like there. no more mass you a$$. i loved those emails. and your a$$ needs to get a camera. marg did you learn nothing from PC. hugs, kisses, and a womans right to choose...ash

Paulus said...

Sounds better than my reasoning. ;-) Though I'm still trying to remember how to grab the syndication information for a Blogger post so I can be more lazy about reading this...

Glad to hear you're enjoying the experience, and I look forward to the stories!

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